Vintage & Thrifted Marathon Event

Vintage & Thrifted Marathon Event
Details & Presenter Application

Welcome, sweet friend!

I am excited and honored that you are interested in presenting in the upcoming SPRING Vintage & Thrifted Marathon Event on Facebook, hosted by MySweetHomeLiving. Please read carefully the information posted below before submitting your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to post those in the collabs group, or direct message Tracey Campbell from MySweetHomeLiving on Facebook. 

What are the BENEFITS for those selected to present in the Vintage & Thrifted Marathon Event?

  • COLLABORATE with other crafters, home decorists, artists, etc. to make connections, develop friendships, and to help support one another in an uplifting community! 
  • GROW your audience within the crafting and decorating community. When successful larger scale marathon events are hosted, your business is presented in-front of thousands of new viewers! This is a wonderful opportunity to grow your viewership and page followers!
  • LEARN tips, tricks, and even have the opportunity for mini-coaching sessions from the event host(s) and/or from other crafters/artists/decorists that have valuable knowledge and experience to share! 

What are the requirements for those selected to present in the event?

  • Use at least one item that is either “vintage or thrifted” to complete a home decor or crafting project. Ideas for these types of items may be discussed within the group message chat, to help get creative minds thinking. 
  • Be willing to exclusively commit to present at a designated time slot during the weekend of Sept. 3-4th. 
  • Agree to promote COMMUNITY over competition – If selected as a presenter in this event, you agree to post and share event graphics and links as requested by the event coordinator prior to the event
  • Agree to the following…IMPORTANT! Please read closely… If selected as a presenter in this event, you agree to not participate in any other organized marathon events/advertising/etc. during the same hours of this event? (This also includes going live on your page, and/or inside of groups, during the hours of the event)

Important dates for you to remember for the event:

  • July 31st (Sunday) The last day to submit your application.
  • Aug.3rd (Wednesday) Chosen presenters will be notified (via FB Messenger) of their official selection to participate (Time Slots will be selected by the participants at a later time) …. Chosen presenters will have until noon central time, on Friday, Aug. 5th, to confirm participation. (This can be done simply by replying “CONFIRM” to the FB message that is sent to you announcing your selection)
  • Sept. 3-4 (Saturday-Sunday) EVENT WEEKEND! Be fully prepared and ready to present with a smile during your time slot! …according to the requests of the event host. 

How many presenters will be chosen for the Vintage & Thrifted Marathon Event?

The ‘Vintage & Thrifted’ virtual marathon event is a “limited event” – meaning that there is a very limited number of pre-determined time slots available. 

Please note that this is an application, and does not, in anyway, confirm that you are guaranteed a time slot in the event. This is the first step in notifying the event coordinator of your interest in presenting (at a time to be determined) during the duration of the event. The number of presenters chosen will ultimately be determined by the number of applicants, event schedule, etc. 

This specific event is planned to be a full 2-day weekend event, filled with approx. 45-50  presenters.

Applications received after the deadline date of July 31st, 2022  will not be considered for participation, unless pre-approved by the event coordinator (Tracey Campbell, MySweetHome)

How and where do I submit my application?

IMPORTANT: This event is currently a ‘no-entry fee’ event…. HOWEVER, for it to remain so, it will be imperative that you agree to collaborate and work agreeably with the event coordinator(s), fellow creators/presenters, volunteers, audience members, etc. The event coordinator(s) and/or crafting community admins reserve the right to remove anyone from this event, at any time with or without immediate notification. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for ANY type of drama, exclusion, inappropriate behavior, etc. prior, during, and following this event. If you are removed from this event for any reason, you will not be asked to participate in any future events hosted by MySweetHomeLiving and/or Craft Round the Clock.


  1. Thank you so much for your consideration for me to participate in this event. I look forward to finding out who all will be presenting
    ~Sonja 😊🦋

  2. What an exciting opportunity! Thank you for creating a way to reach out to the crafting community.

  3. Thank you so much for this invite! Your events are always beyond amazing, Tracey. So many wonderful creators; a wonderful way to network! 🙂❤

  4. I thought I originally signed up but not sure with all that was going on with my husband. Can you check to see if I sent in? If not will put in for next one. Thanks sweet lady.

  5. Tracy, thank you so much for considering me to be a part of this event!!! I look forward to getting to know you and all the presenters in this event , whether I’m chosen this time or for a future event.

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