Vintage Jar Lid Christmas Ornament DIY Craft DeCor holiday tree

Vintage Jar Lid Christmas Ornament

Vintage Jar Lid Christmas Ornaments

~ holiday diy craft project on a budget

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Jar Lid DIY vintage Christmas ornament

Supply List

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– Scrap farbric pieces, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or something to cut into approx 4″ circle shapes
– Scissors
– Vintage Canning Jar Lids
Twine string
– Hot Glue
– Mod Podge
– Mini Ornaments (or other small decorative elements)
Small sponge or brush to apply the mod podge
– Colorless bath salts (optional)
– Holiday Greenery springs (optional)

Step – By – Step Directions

1. Cut circle shape(s) from your scrap material to fit the inside of the jar lid.

2. Apply a light layer of mod podge in the inside of the jar lid & apply your fabric circle

3. Apply a second coat of mod podge over the fabric circle and allow to dry completely before next step

4. Embellish the center of the jar lid circle with a mini ornament, or other small sized decorative element. I used mini-ornaments that i found at walmart earlier in the shopping season.

5. Tie a circular string to create an ornament hanger from the twine. Hot glue this hanger to the top center of your vintage jar lid – creating your hangable jar lid ornament!

6. Optional Step: Embellish the top of your jar lid ornament with a couple of holiday greenery springs for an added Christmas charm.

7. Optional Step: Apply mod podge to a few areas around the rim and inside rim of the jar lid – then, sprinkle some colorless bath salts to the areas. This creates some icy sparkles on your new ornament creation!