Rag Balls DIY Craft Project

DIY Rag Balls

quicky & easy seasonal color for your home decor

Rag balls were once a common find in any southern lady’s home.
Over the years, since times have changed and less women are finding time to sew large projects, rag balls have taken more of a turn into their role as a popular home decor element.
The fabric strips have a nostalgic way of transforming any forgotten fabric remnant into something that can be a new cherished home decor display in any home… no matter if you have farmhouse, vintage, country, urban farm, taste.
With endless color and pattern combinations, you can see why these southern style rag balls have made their way into the hearts of many home decor stylists.

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Materials Needed for DIY Rag Balls

Supplies List

Directions for Making DIY Rag Balls

Step 1

Cut several notches approx 1/2″ apart along the edge of your fabric material.

Each notch will make one long “rag strip” for the project. 

There is no easy way to predict how many fabric strips you’ll need, so you may need to repeat this step numerous times throughout the project.

Starting with the first notch at the edge of your fabric material, take hold of the notch and slowly pull/rip the strip to the opposite end. (see video clip for demo)

Step 2

Begin wrapping your foam ball with the rag strips of fabric – starting and ending each strip with hot glue to secure the ends.

Continue wrapping the ball with fabric strips until completely covered.

There is no right or wrong way to wrapping the ball… and it will serve you best if you throw any notion of “PERFECTION” out the window! … in fact, these rag balls are ideal when they appear more rugged, worn, distressed, and imperfect!

Step 3

Repeat & Continue the previous two steps until you have the desired quantity.

How to Decorate with DIY Rag Balls

Your new rag ball collection is now ready to display proudly in your home decor! Add them to any empty corner nook on a shelf, in a basket, bucket, dough bowl, or see how I used them on my tiered tray, or alongside my framed flag project!

…and don’t forget they’re SUPER EASY to swap out for new colors and patterns for each holiday season… I even tuck them into my Christmas tree decor!

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