Moss Covered Pool Noodle Wreath Craft DIY Home Decor

3 Steps To Create A Spring Moss
Pool Noodle Wreath

~ add a beautiful pop of spring green to your home decor

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the perfect diy craft project to use the supplies you already have

I simply love wreaths… especially wreaths that can be put together in just minutes and also be repurposed for the various seasons and holidays. This wreath project does just this… and has the potential to help you use some of those miscellaneous craft supply items that have been in your stash for a while. My only new-item purchase for this diy wreath project was a pool noodle… yep! a pool noodle from the dollar general store! (If pool noodles aren’t available yet, a floral foam wreath form will work perfectly too!)

To begin this diy spring home decor craft project, you’ll need to gather the following items:

looks great in many different arrangements, including layered with this tobacco basket wall hanging (from hobby lobby)

3 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Moss Wreath

1. Measure, trim, and tape the ends of the pool noodle to fit the space you plan to hang it.
Trim the ends of the pool noodle at angles to help with proper fitting and to encourage the finished wreath hold its circular shape better over time.

2. Cover your wreath shape with moss! I used sheet moss and hot glue for this step in the project. (you can find this specific product at hobby lobby.)

3. Add a ribbon bow, by looping and tying it in a knot on the back side of the wreath form… this will help hold your greenery and/or floral sprigs. If you plan to change out the flowers/greenery with the seasons… you may just want to secure them tightly under the bow, as opposed to actually using hot glue. At this point you can call it finished… or add an embellishment of some type, like this wood “our nest” sign that i’ve been shuffling around my house – trying to find the perfect spot for!

- watch the facebook live replay tutorial -

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