Marbled DIY Nail Polish Easter Eggs Spring Craft

Marbled Easter Eggs with Nail Polish

Marbled Easter Eggs with Fingernail Polish

~ fun family project to celebrate the Easter holiday

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Did you know that you can create beautiful marbled Easter eggs with nail polish?! 

Yes, it’s true ~ and this diy tutorial & how-to video will show you just how easy it is.

Each egg will amaze you with uniquely marbled swirl patterns and with just a little bit of adult assistance, this project is perfect for kids. So, boil those eggs and get ready to fill the easter baskets with some absolutely beautiful marbled eggs!

Let’s Get Started ~

Easter Egg DIY nail polish craft Spring kids

Marbled Easter Eggs with Nail Polish

Supply List

– Hard Boiled Eggs
– Water (room temperature)
– Fingernail Polish
– Disposable Cups or Bowls
– Plastic Utensils (spoons or forks)
– Paper Towels

Step 1: Fill a cup with *room temperature water. (*see notes below)

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Easter Eggs Spring Craft Project

Step 2: Add 6-10 drops of fingernail polish to the cup of water. The fingernail polish should appear to "float" and spread on the surface of the water - if not, then the water is either too hot or cold. The water must be at room temp. for best marbling results.

marbled easter eggs diy craft

Step 3: Using the plastic utensil, lower the egg down into the nailpolish/water mixture.

Step 4: Raise and lower the egg into the water a couple more times to continue coating the egg with nailpolish.

DIY Easter Eggs - Marbled Nail Polish

Step 5: Place the colored egg(s) on a paper towel to dry... being careful not to smear-smudge the nail polish coloring until it is completely dry. Once the egg is dry, the process can be repeated to add more/different color(s) and/or marbled swirls to the egg if desired.

Marbled Easter Eggs with Nail Polish

  • The nail polish will quickly adhere to the plastic cup(s) and begin to “eat away” and cause a hole to form… therefore it is necessary to periodically change cups/water out during this process.

  • I found it helpful to replace the used water with fresh water after each couple of eggs… the nail polish seems to disperse/spread out better in fresh water… and this helps to give a better marbled effect.

  • The more nail polish that is added to the fresh water, the darker the marbled effect will be.

  • Use only *ROOM TEMPERATURE* water for this project. If the water is too cool or warm, it will cause the nail polish to sink to the bottom of the water/cup. It is important for the nail polish to “float” at the top of the water for proper marbling effect to be achieved.

Marbled DIY Nail Polish Easter Eggs Spring Craft

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