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How to Decorate for Halloween with Vintage Finds

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, then you know how much I absolutely LOVE decorating with vintage finds! This year, for Halloween, I decided that I would revamp some of my decor to include some new vintage items that I have just recently added to my collections. 

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Why Decorate with Vintage Finds?

My kids ask me all the time, why I like antiques and vintage items… well, the truth is that I just find pieces/items/things/elements that have a history or a ‘story to tell’ super captivating and soooo cool!
Many vintage finds can definitely feel like they hold a mysterious, or unknown, story… just waiting to be unlocked. So, for Halloween, these sound like the PERFECT items to use for decorating a SPOOK-tacular tabletop vignette for my home. 

So today, I am sharing my ideas with you. In hopes that you will find some type of inspiration for your Halloween decorating… or maybe even use some of my ideas in different ways for other seasonal or everyday decorating. 

BUT FIRST….. I’ll show you some of the vintage finds that I have used to pull together my final vintage Halloween display!

The perfect vintage finds...

Vintage glass bottles antiques home decor repurpose
vintage eyeglasses antique decor vintage finds
vintage books home decor

Vintage glass bottles in various sizes, antique eye glasses with folding case, and a few old hardback books from the thrift store… are all going to be used for my vintage themed Halloween vignette… BUT I have one more super sweet VINTAGE FIND that I’m keeping under wraps until the final reveal, so keep reading and watching.

How I Use Vintage Finds in My Halloween Decor

Over on my Facebook page, My Sweet Home, I have a video series of four different DIY crafts and projects that show the stages of my decorating process… all leading up a GRAND FINALE of a VINTAGE HALLOWEEN TABLETOP VIGNETTE! 
Down below, you will find the first three videos in this series… and the LIVE GRAND FINALE will be posted after it goes LIVE ON FACEBOOK on October 21st at 2:40pm central time. 

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