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Hobby Lobby's Spring 2o20 Preview

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With each new change of seasons, i find myself with a sense of renewed excitement and joy ~ and with spring knocking at "door steps" of winter ... i am even more ready for spring than ever before!

I am SO ready to add decor to my home ~ touches of anything that says spring. Like bright greens, spring colored florals, everything fresh & new... with touches of Easter bunnies, spring pastel colors, bird nests, eggs, and lots more.

However, at the time i find myself writing this post, we have yet to see the first day of February yet. However, the weather here in Kentucky has been anything but winter... less than an inch of snow and days upon days of gloomy gray skies, have left me longing for the RENEWAL of SPRING! I need the fresh spring sunshine and easter flowers to brighten my days - how about you?!

So, as i must at least wait another month for any real signs of spring ~ I decided that i needed a dose of "faux spring" and headed off to my local HOBBY LOBBY to browse their SPRING & EASTER home decor and craft sections.... good idea, huh?! ... i mean, hobby lobby is always good at showing us EXACTLY what i need, right?!... funny how that works, isn't it? ~*wink, wink*~

The "Spring Shop" items were nearly all stocked and hanging perfectly in-place, however the workers were busily working to stock the rows and rows of Easter decor while i shopped... so, it will be *absolutely necessary* for me to make a return shopping visit in the next couple of days.

...UNTIL THEN, i must share all of the SPRING HOME DECOR finds that i found today!

...ENJOY the video below and let me know in the comments if anything catches your eye!

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