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Flower Pot Makeover with Spray Paint

My dusty, faded faux terracotta flower pots are no more...

If you’re like me, you might have a stash of old, worn, and faded flower pot containers stashed away in an outdoor shed… that are just collecting dust and spider webs. Well, this year, I decided to rescue several of them,  and give them a makeover with spray paint! I mean, a can of spray paint is sure cheaper than buying these super large-sized flower pot containers brand new!
That’s right… good ole’, handy dandy, spray paint! Over the years, my outdoor decorating color scheme has changed from brown/terra cotta tones to blacks and grays. These blacks and grays all just coordinate much better with my new outdoor patio furniture set, my kids’ new above ground pool, the new roof and trim on my house, and much more! I love repeating colors in my decorating… therefore, it was time for me to say goodbye to the old, faded faux terracotta colors of my plastic flower pot containers!

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Supplies Needed for a Flower Pot Makeover with Spray Paint

Step-By-Step Guide for a Flower Pot Makeover with Spray Paint

Step 1 - Prepare the Flower Pot Container

Begin the flower pot makeover with a good cleaning. Wash, scrub, and dry the flower pot container(s) first! A good clean container will hold the paint much better than a dusty/dirty surface.

For my pot, I only painted the outside and the top 2-3″ of the top inside rim. The potting soil will be covering the remainder of the inside of your flower pot. So, think smart and conserve some of the spray paint for the next pot! 

spray painted flower pot old makeover with paint

Step 2 - Prepare for Spray Painting

Depending on where you will be spray painting your flower pot container, you may need to protect the underlying surface. For me, I chose to paint mine outdoors, yet I did not want a painted spot to show up in my lawn or have grass marks around the bottom of my flower pot! So, I elevated my flower pot on top of an empty cardboard box. You can use a sheet of poster board, card board, plastic sack, etc. 

Also, be sure that you are aware that any over spray may land on any other objects that could be nearby… so be sure that you are far enough away from other objects as well!

flower pot makeover with spray paint painting

Step 3 - Spray Paint the Flower Pot

Following the recommendations on the back of the spray paint can, begin the fun part! This is where you will see the flower pot makeover truly begin to takeover! Depending on the color and coverage of the spray paint that you use, it may be best to apply a second coat for optimal results. If so, be sure to let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat of spray paint. 

flower pot makeover with spray paint painting old

Step 4 - Show it off!

Now that your flower pot makeover with spray paint is nearly complete, you can add your favorite combination of flowering plants to really show it off! I always enjoy fully planting my containers with a combination of my favorite flower annuals! The possibilities of color and bloom combinations can really strike a pose with your newly lookin’ flower pot container!

solar lights gardening flower pot containers spray paint

Step 5 - Add a few extras?

Who says we have to stop after adding the flower plants?! I love adding other elements too, for a super sweet touch to my outdoor decor. Items like solar lights, garden flags, tiki torches, garden statues, etc. are all excellent ways to add touches of whimsy to your flower container gardens!

Get creative and add your own spin to your old flower pot containers… then, share your photos with me in my “Sweet Home DIY Crafting & Home Decorating” Facebook group!

solar lights gardening flower pot containers spray paint

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  1. If you want black paint to last outside in the extreme heat and sun, use high heat engine paint.
    It handles temps up to 500 degrees.
    Rustoleum is one brand.

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