Book Pages Covered Pumpkin

a dollar tree pumpkin makeover

The dollar tree is my new favorite “go-to spot” for fall diy craft inspiration this year… have you seen the bright orange foam pumpkins there?! That’s exactly what i am using for today’s dollar tree find makeover craft today!

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Supplies Needed:

1. foam pumpkin (dollar tree)
2. white paint
3. mod podge
4. hot glue
5. spanish moss (dollar tree)
6. craft brush
7. book pages (torn into pieces)
8. stick (for the stem)

Step 1:

Remove the stem and spray paint the pumpkin white.

This helps prevent the bright orange color from showing through your book pages later.

Step 2:

Using several pages from a thrift store book, tear a stack of book page pieces.

My experience is that slightly smaller pieces work better at fitting the curves of the pumpkin, as opposed to larger pieces.

Step 3:

Using a paint brush, start applying the mod podge to the surface of your pumpkin, in small areas at a time. Then, place your page pieces on the pumpkin, one at a time and brush a layer of mod podge over the pieces to adhere them to the pumpkin.

Step 4:

Continue applying the mod podge and book page pieces until your pumpkin is completely covered. The mod podge will appear like white paint until it dries completely clear. Once the pumpkin is covered, let it dry completely.

Step 5:

Apply a circle of hot glue around the top (stem area) of the pumpkin and place a small bundle of spanish moss for the stem to be placed into.

Step 6:

In the bed of spanish moss, place your “yard stick” down into the foam. It may help to stab the pumpkin slightly with your scissors to enlarge the opening for easier placement of the stick. 

That’s it! Now you have a fall farmhouse white pumpkin that may have cost you only about $2 and will make the perfect addition to a centerpiece, basket, bucket, coffee table vignette, shelf, or any fall display in your home decor!

Other Ideas for covering your pumpkins would be to use sheet music, black & white photos (photo copies), wrapping paper, paper napkins, scrapbook paper, burlap, fabric strips, etc. 

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