DIY Valentine's Day Home Decor Crafting Craft Idea

DIY Valentine Decor & Crafts

DIY Valentine Decor & Crafts

Fill Your Home With Love for Valentine's Day

~ DIY decor & craft inspiration from Sweet Home's group members

Those of  you that declare yourself procrastinators when it comes to taking down your christmas tree, just may have actually performed yourself a home decorating FAVOR this year! 
YES! You are reading that correctly…. VALENTINE’S DAY TREES ARE THE NEW TREND FOR 2020 and the ladies over in our DIY CRAFTING & HOME DECOR GROUP ON FACEBOOK are LOVING this NEW TREND!!!  ~~~ We would LOVE to have you in our group! Just click the link (underlined text) in the line above to request to join! We are a SUPER FUN, SUPER SWEET, and SUPER CRAFTY group of ladies that just HAVE FUN!

This week, i am sharing some of the beautiful DIY Valentine Decor & Crafts ideas from some of the amazingly talented crafters from the GROUP! Everything from Dollar Tree makeovers, pom-pom wreaths, Valentine’s themed tiered trays, Valentine ornaments, wood bead garlands, mesh wreaths, and TONS more Valentine themed crafting ideas are just waiting for you in the “Sweet Home DIY Crafting & Home Decorating GROUP on Facebook!!

Enjoy the photos below that were submitted by some of the group’s super talented ladies! (Click on individual photos for enlargement & closeup view)

DIY Valentine Decor & Crafts

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