Garden Plant Marker Labels with Wine Corks
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DIY Cork Garden Markers

Why Cork Garden Markers Are So Useful

A freshly planted vegetable garden is a labor of love and can be considered a “beautiful sight” by avid gardeners… however, what if you forget what what has been planted in specific areas/rows, etc.?! Introducing the concept of DIY garden markers and WHY they are so useful. It can quickly become confusing and cause a gardening headache when it comes to proper pruning and plant care methods for specific varieties. This was exactly my problem when my family decided to build and plant our very first raised vegetable garden bed this spring. I needed to be resourceful and find a way repurpose something I already had, as I’m sure you already know that these “building-type projects” can get expensive real fast, if you’re not careful.

It was obvious to me that the little “store label tags” that came along with my six-packs of plants just wasn’t going to cut-it for helping me remember where each plant was placed in the layout… I mean, if I had ample space to plant each variety in its very own row, things would be perfect… but, that wasn’t the case. This was going to the be the perfect project to use some of the wine corks that I’ve long been saving for a project just like this! Keep scrolling down to see just how my DIY Cork Garden Markers saved the day… my garden planning… and my sanity! (Ha!)

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Supplies Needed to Make DIY Cork Garden Markers

Supplies for DIY Wine Cork Garden Markers

Step-By-Step Guide to Make DIY Cork Garden Markers

Step 1 - Pre-drill a hole in the bottom of the wine bottle cork. 

Using a cordless drill and small-diameter drill bit, drill a small hole in the bottom of the wine cork. It is important to note that the diameter of the hole needs to be just slightly smaller than the wooden skewer… otherwise, the cork will not hold tightly onto the skewer stick.

Step 2 - Insert wooden skewer into corks

Easy Wine Cork DIY Garden Markers

Step 3 - Label and Decorate the Garden Corks

Using a permanent marker, label and decorate the corks to coorespond the various plant varieties in your garden. 

Garden Plant Marker Labels with Wine Corks

Step 4 - Spray decorated garden markers with a clear matte protectant (pictured below)

Over time, the permanent marker will fade under the outdoor elements… however, you can help the labels last the entire garden growing season by applying a couple of thin coats of this matte clear spray protectant to the the corks. **Be careful not apply too heavily, as a heavy spray can cause the marker to bleed and run. Also, be sure to let the first coat dry completely before applying the second.

Easy Garden Markers made with wine corks

Step 5 - Add the Garden Makers to your vegetable bed... and other outdoor planting areas!

These DIY cork garden markers are perfect for not only vegetable gardens like mine, but you can also use them in flower beds and herb gardens as well! These worked out perfectly for our very first raised garden bed project… more details on the raised bed and tomato trellis designs coming soon.

I think using corks would also be a great way to add a sweet secret messages hidden along in your garden as well ~ as daily reminders of gratitude, inspiration, etc.!

Get creative and add your own spin to using wine bottle corks… then, share your photos with me in my “Sweet Home DIY Crafting & Home Decorating” Facebook group!

raised garden bed with cork garden markers
This photo was taken on May 23rd - On the first day of our raised garden bed project was complete!
DIY raised garden bed with cork garden markers
This photo was taken on July 11th - As you can tell, our garden markers are still doing their job nicely!
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