Christmas Holiday DIY Craft 1

Twinkling Holiday Gift Bag

Christmas Holiday Craft #1

The Christmas crafting season has arrived! 

It’s officially the start of the christmas holiday, diy crafting and decorating season …and i am so excited to share my first project for the year!

In the Sweet Homes facebook community, we celebrated with a live broadcast to kickoff the season… you can watch the replay of that event below.

The dollar general store has a collection of burlap gift bags this year that are impossible to pass up. There are four different design options available – a christmas tree farm design, one with santa, another one with “merry christmas”, and my all-time favorite… a rustic little red holiday truck design. Not all dollar general locations have them, so it may be worth your time to call ahead to check availability. 

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Supply List

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Large burlap gift bag (Dollar General)
– White Foam Board (Dollar General)
– Scissors
– Clear packing tape
– Pencil & Tape Measure
– String of “Fairy Lights” *(Amazon Link)


1. Measure & trim your foam board to fit the burlap bag size. (for the holiday truck bag, i used the measurements for 18″wide x 19.75″ tall.)

2. Make a small cut/slit on the back/bottom/center of your bag to allow the light cord to string through.

3. Slide the foamboard piece down into the holiday bag, leaving about two inches of empty space at the bottom (for the light cord placement in the next step).
It should fit snug and be somewhat tight for best results. 

4. Place the end of your fairy light strand down into the front side of the Christmas bag (on the front side of the foam board) and pull it out through the back side.
Secure the light string in place on the foam board with a piece of clear packing tape.
Then, slide the foam board completely down into the bag. 

5. Continue placing your lights down in the burlap bag, while spreading them out across the design.
You can spend as much or as little time as you prefer on this step.
I just wanted to achieve a warm glow of light, so I spent very little time on this step.

6. As you place the lights, be sure to secure the lights as you go along, with the clear packing tape.
The tape will help the lights stay in place and help you to get a somewhat “flatter” appearance. (in other words, your final creation won’t be “puffy” if you tape the lights down properly)

7. After you have secured the lights to the foam b0ard, you are now ready to trim and secure the extra bag material from the top.
You can simply hot glue the excess fabric on the back… or trim and then got glue the excess. Either way, just as long as the additional material is hidden and pulled taughtly to remove the wrinkles, you’re good to go!

8.Now… the FUN part!
Display your new diy decor piece in a christmas vignette, hang in a glass-removed frame, or on a holiday mantel, or anywhere in your holiday home decor!
See a few of my styling idea photos below for inspiration and feel free to pin any image to your favorite holiday themed pinterest board for quick return later. 

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