Christmas DIY Craft #2

Christmas DIY Craft #2
Holiday 'Flour Sacks'

From the 1800’s to the 1950’s, flour sacks were a common household find. actually, you can even say they were a necessity of daily life in american homes, as they packaged a wide variety of dry goods – like flour, sugar, corn meal, etc. Through the years, these sacks could be found by the truckloads and they became quite plentiful. So plentiful, that in-fact, during the great depression era (1929 – early 1940’s), women found a variety of resourceful purposes for them – including dish towels, quilt pieces, curtains, pillowcases, dresses, and even cloth diapers! 

Manufactures began noticing this trend and soon began to offer decorative designs and patterns on their sacks. The designs only continued to become more and more unique over the years – as hard times had fallen on america’s economy. It was a great marketing strategy by companies to get housewives interested in buying their products. History stories often mention that nearly 3.5 million women and children wore flour sack clothing during the great depression years!

If you know me, you know i love decorating with items that have stories – a history – or a connection with family. Unfortunately, i don’t own any authentic flour sacks, but when i stumbled across these ‘mini gift bags’ in the holiday section at dollar general this season, they immediately reminded me of a few family stories from “simpler times” that i have read/heard about from my grandparents. So, for this week’s christmas craft, i decided to take these gift bags and do my ‘spin’ on decorative flour sacks! …and to honor the history of true flour sacks – this project is very budget-friendly… costing less than $5 total. 

Supply List

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Small burlap gift bag set (Dollar General)
– Scissors
– Dried Beans
– Crinkle Paper Shreds
– Hot Glue or Fabric Glue
– Seasonal Potpourri (optional)

antique vintage Santa diy holiday Christmas decor craft Dollar General burlap gift bag
Styling Tip: Create a vintage Christmas themed vignette by using a dough bowl, or antique colander to display your sacks - paired with antique rolling pin for the perfect display in your holiday home decor

Step – By – Step Directions

1. fill the bag with about 2 cups of dried beans 

(this provides some weight to the bottom of the bags and will help them sit upright in your vignette displays)

2. pack the remaining empty space of the bag with the krinkled paper shreds

3. remove the drawstring from the top of the gift bag

4. sprinkle in your choice of pellet-type potpourri (this step is optional)

5. seal the top of the sack with hot glue – or a fabric glue, heat tape, etc.

6. repeat the process with your second bag from the set, so that you have a coordinated pair of holiday flour sacks for your christmas vignette display!

Styling Tip: Nestle your diy holiday flour sacks in a bed of holiday greenery and a string of christmas lights. The Lights will give a little warmth that will not only give a cozy twinkle, but will also help release the scent of your potpourri as well!

I love pairing my flour sacks with a bed of holiday greenery, nestled down in a vintage wooden bowl. Add a string of white christmas lights and a few other antique kitchen tools for a coordinated little vignette for your holiday home decor.

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