My Sweet Home Christmas Tree Decor
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Christmas Tree Decor – Sweet Home Memories

Today is a super exciting day for me… one that I’ve waited for and wanted to do for quite a long time actually. It’s the day where I reveal my Christmas tree decor with all of you sweet friends! My “Sweet Home Christmas Tree” and nearly 30 more amazing Christmas trees too, all are going to be shared with you in this year’s Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop
Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post to see all the Christmas tree beauty and inspiration from these amazing friends.

My Sweet Home Christmas Tree Decor
Flashback to the '2019 Sweet Home Christmas Tree'

If you’re anything like me, I could look at Christmas trees for hours, days, weeks… well, you get the idea! It’s one of my most favorite things of the Christmas holiday season. You’re totally in the best place to be today… because we’re sharing some of the most amazing and uniquely decorated Christmas trees, in almost every different style you can imagine, from some of your favorite home decor bloggers.

If you follow me and/or my stories over on Facebook, you know exactly how my tree decorating all began this year.

Well, day one started off with a bang… I wish!
It actually started out with me almost having an adult-sized “Christmas maniac meltdown” in my living room! My two-year old cashmere pine tree had dark areas of non-working lights! I debated and debated for the rest of the evening and night on what to do… buy a new tree, buy another pre-lit, buy a non-lit tree, or just patch the dark spots with new lights and make it work for this Christmas season, with hopes of scoring a major sale deal on a new one after Christmas.

So, as any money-saving mom would do… I decided the best option would be to patch the dark areas with new lights and call it good for this season, all the while looking and stalking sales ads for an after-season tree bargain. Adult-sized Christmas maniac meltdown was adverted!

Now, let’s move on to the GOOD STUFF, the PRETTY STUFF, the FUN STUFF… 

DIY Vintage Yardstick Christmas Ornament
Vintage Christmas Tree Primitive DIY Ornaments
Vintage Santa with baby Jesus Ornament

As you probably have already noticed, my style is just that. My own style, nothing totally matchy-matchy, color coordinated, or specific theme… other than just good old-fashioned sweet family Christmas style! 

Christmas is all about making memories, sharing moments, and remembering the past. Nearly all of the ornaments and decor on my tree have a story, a connection, or a sweet memory to tell. They each express a personality of my sweet family. Just like the baby’s first Christmas ornaments that are proudly hung on many branches. My children enjoy our tree and every year, they enjoy looking for each of “their ornaments” that have been collected over the years. Just as I enjoy thinking back to the moments that each ornament represents in the building of our family. Gifts from parents, gifts from my former students, wedding presents, baby shower gifts, and even ornaments that I remember buying to decorate mine and my husband’s very first Christmas tree as a married couple. 

Baby's First Christmas Ornament

For the past several weeks, I’ve tried to come up with a “name” or a “theme name” to describe my Christmas tree, yet nothing seemed to fit just right… and that’s one message that I hope to share with all of you this holiday season… let your “theme” be YOU. Let it be CHERISHED MEMORIES or NEW BEGINNINGS, FAMILY, or something else sentimental and heart felt and true this Christmas. 

Family Christmas Tree ornaments

Find things that have meaning to you, represent you, and display them proudly on your Christmas tree this year. It will make you happy, I promise! 

Family Christmas Tree ornaments

From MySweetHome, to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Sweet Home Christmas Tree
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  1. I love that your tree isn’t themed and it’s full of your memories. Our family room tree is like that. Every single ornament has a memory tied to it. I hope you catch a great sale to replace your tree with half working lights. I’m also in in the market for a new tree for our porch because last year half the lights stopped working and after Christmas I gave it away. I forgot all about it and when I went to decorate the porch this year, I had no tree. I use a cheepo $40 Walmart tree from my old shop but I want a bigger and prettier tree. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful Christmas season.

    1. Hi Paula!
      Thanks so much for your sweet words.
      Yes, a porch tree sounds like a great idea… maybe I’ll find two trees for a bargain price after Christmas! 😉
      Merry Christmas to you.

  2. What a fun tree, I used to do a memory Tree as my only tree but now I have two, one memory and one themed. I think its important to have memories.

    1. Hi Andrea!
      It’s a vintage shipping box that was used in the early 1900’s to ship an individual typewriter! Can you believe that?! After Christmas, I turn it up on its side and use it as an accent “table” in my living room!

  3. Your sweet tree is just that, sweet! I love it! It looks homespun and woodsy and welcoming and cozy! The collection of ornaments you have displayed are wonderful and bring back such lovely memories.

  4. Tracey, that was a great idea to add the additional lights. Your tree is so pretty. I love the traditional colors and the sweet ornaments. I’m so thankful that you participated in our hop this year and wish you the best of holidays!

  5. I love your sweet Christmas style. and i totally agree, I could also spend hours, days and weeks just sitting and enjoying a beautifully lit Christmas tree., especially when it’s filled with family memories.

  6. I so feel you. Our tree went kaput last year, so we bought a new tree this year. Your tree really glows when lit and is so pretty. Really love the look.

  7. Your tree struck a chord with me, Tracey. After my mom passed away, my stepdad gave my brother and I the ornaments from our childhood. It brings back so many memories to now hang them on my tree, combined with new ornaments that my daughter has made. After all, Christmas is all about family and traditions. Your tree looks lovely! It was fun hopping with you 🙂

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